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Vinyasa Flow

During SOMA’s Vinyasa Flow Yoga, the body moves in sync with the breath, creating fluid and smooth movements.

SOMA’s Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a dynamic & fun small group session, accessible for ‘every body’. If you’re looking to improve your fitness, flexibly, strength and mental focus, Vinyasa Flow Yoga is right for you. Walk away feeling strong, refreshed and energised.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a slow healing practice that focuses on longer, passive holds. Yin yoga targets the deep tissues of your body in a way unlike any other yoga practice. In return, your connective tissues are gently stretched, flexibility & posture increases and tight, sore bodies, stressed minds can be healed.

SOMA’s Yin yoga is appropriate for all fitness levels and there’s no better way to ease into developing your flexibility.


Barre fuses elements of Pilates, Dance, Yoga, and Functional training. SOMA’s Barre sessions are a high intensity and low impact complete body work-out. Small group sessions are upbeat, challenging, dynamic and fun.
Sessions can include light weights, balls, band work, body weight exercises and core work both at the barre and on mats. Suitable for everybody with modifications and progressions provided to challenge every body.

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