Personal Training

Forget one-size-fits-all programs, allow SOMA's expert personal trainers to undertake a full personal assessments of your specific needs, tailor your program, and accompany you all the way supported by tech and the latest knowledge on corporate personal training. Opt in to exclusive PT client networking opportunities to engage with like-minded professionals.

The premium option for private customised PT for Sydney’s busy successful professionals!

Let SOMA’s highly experienced and friendly PTs support you through a personalised one-on-one PT journey to reach new levels you cannot reach alone.

Your individual assessment is like no other, delving into your body’s mechanics and identifying anything that might be holding you back from achieving your full potential.  With connections such as in-house nutritionists, the best physios, and professionals within SOMA’s Health Hub, you’re sure to get any support you need. 

SOMA’s in-house industry experts deliver superior service, personalised support and above all, outstanding results for individuals. All packages offer training plans and guidance as well as nutrition and supplement advice, tech to support your workouts locally or abroad, tech to help you measure progress, and years of experience training Sydney’s top CEOs, successful entrepreneurs, politicians, movie stars and others.

Packages are tailored to your needs to fit within your busy lifestyle locally, or while you travel.

PT clients also get access to exclusive SOMA Social networking opportunities to help you connect with similar like-minded successful professionals, and of course, SOMA membership entitles you to the exclusive members-only Recovery Centre.