SOMA Health and Wellness Club

Your exclusive oasis for Personal Training, recovery, health and wellness now open at Aurora Pl
Experience the fusion of luxury and health with full membership including gym, recovery centre, group sessions, towel service and access to Sydney’s most exclusive health and wellness club!

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SOMA Recovery Centre

Whether you want to challenge yourself for an endorphin buzz in the mineral cold plunge pool, relax in the latest full spectrum HeadSpace sound-infused infrared sauna, or find tranquility in the traditional sauna, SOMA’s exclusive member’s only Recovery Centre is the place for you!

SOMA Personal Training

Train like Sydney’s top CEOs, Partners, and executives. SOMA’s PTs are some of the best in the game, and the only choice if you want genuine results through a customised one-on-one or shared PT journey in a boutique surround.

Opt-in for PT client networking opportunities to meet other like-minded successful professionals. 

SOMA Studio

Whether you seek zen or a cardio hit, SOMA’s small group session studios include a reformer pilates studio featuring market leading Alegro 2 beds, a mixed session studio, private one-on-one reformer and a tech-activated  HIIT studio for a choreographed series of transformational sessions.

SOMA Promotions

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journey with Sydney leading luxury gym.

Sydney’s exclusive oasis for Personal Training and wellness.

With consideration to detail and personalised consultation by expert staff, SOMA’S curated programs and state of the art facilities (including infrared saunas) provide a lavish springboard to re-evaluate your condition, re-engage with your goals and re-energise your wellbeing. For a clean, personalised, intimate environment with the comforts of exclusivity and privacy, membership is capped at a strict capacity and all group sessions are small.

As part of SOMA’s Health and Wellness Club, take advantage of opportunities through SOMA Social to network with SOMA’s exclusive member community, through initiatives such as meetups, Exclusive PT client networking, SOMA Run Club and other great initiatives.

SOMA for Corporates

Fostering health and wellness of your employees directly correlates with the success and sustainability of your workforce.  Research consistently demonstrates that employees who prioritise their health exhibit higher levels of productivity, engagement, and job satisfaction. By promoting health and wellness initiatives, such as corporate memberships,  group training, and team bonding over exercise, you not only foster a positive work culture but also reduce absenteeism and healthcare costs associated with preventable illnesses. Furthermore, supporting employees’ health and wellness reinforced your status as an employer of choice and attracting top talent.

With established systems, a highly professional team and an exceptional understanding of corporate needs, let SOMA provide your corporate wellness solution.