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The SOMA Story

The SOMA concept is inspired by the Greek word σῶμα meaning ‘body’— one’s life in the physical world — making SOMA the ideal theme for a destination designed to nurture and honour the body. Since inception, the SOMA concept has evolved to establish Sydney’s most luxurious health and wellbeing destination, providing unprecedented service, quality and care to support members on their transformational paths to wellness through four pillars of experience:


Raising the Bar

SOMA is continuing to challenge the status quo by radically redefining what clients have come to expect from their health club membership with a facility that offers cleanliness and hygiene, and team that provides a genuine care for their wellbeing and results. Offering personalised attention, category shifting programmes and luxurious facilities within a pioneering fit out, the SOMA experience has raised and set the bar for an experience which works for the results of its clients, not just its bottom line.

‘Step off the treadmill of your everyday workout, and awaken your potential within a world of exclusivity and service you deserve.’

First Class Fitness

Feel safe when you work out. The SOMA team is committed to elevating every aspect with its clean state of the art facilities, and intimate classes of small groups that allow for connection and a direct relationship with our team of elite instructors and practitioners. Delivering first class experiences within a genre defying environment, SOMA is thoughtfully designed for busy professionals seeking personalised attention, nurturing and care.

Curated Partnerships

The SOMA experience is elevated by our premium calibre of accessory, amenity and facility partnerships.

“Why shouldn’t our clients escape to a tranquil, private and exclusive space to work out, with the finest locally sourced products to use in our clean 5 star amenities?”
– Simon Anderson, SOMA Co-Founder