The most popular group total body workout to strengthen your core, recover from injury and engage all muscles in a controlled way, run in small focused studio-style sessions on the best Alegro2 machines to maximise your enjoyment, value and personal attention

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Reformer Pilates

SOMA’s Reformer Pilates is performed on ALEGRO 2 machines, the leading Pilates Reformer machines. The spring loaded resistance to create a challenging total body workout in a motivating group environment.

SOMA offers 2 levels:
* Foundation
* Advanced

Expect a full body workout. Each instructor brings a versatile approach to the class, making the session a unique experience every time. This small group session is suitable for everybody, offering modifications & progressions to challenge every body.

Mat Pilates

Classical ‘Joseph Pilates mat work’ with a contemporary attitude!

Toning, flexibility, better posture, more efficient movement will be achieved through a fusion of strength and endurance exercises.

The small group session can include light weights, balls, band work, body weight exercises and core work on mats. SOMA’s Pilates Mat is suitable for every body with modifications and progressions for a challenge.

Corporate or Private Reformer

Want a team bonding or business development activity that’s fun, challenging, and sets the ‘right’ message?

Drinking is so pre-2021. Now it’s all about health and improving your employees’ wellbeing. A corporate Reformer Pilates or Mat Pilates session at SOMA is an excellent choice to improve your workforce’s health and wellbeing.

Or want to build your skills and improve your practise with a private session?

Get in touch about corporate or private sessions – we’d love to help!

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